IGAD(D) Peace Initiative

We, Representatives of the Government of the Republic of the Sudan (thereinafter referred to as the GOS) the Sudan Peoples’ Liberation Movement/Sudan Peoples’ Liberation Army and the Sudan Peoples’ Liberation Movement/Sudan Peoples’ Liberation Army – United thereinafter referred to as the SPLM/A and SPLM/SPLA-United respectively):

Recalling the previous peace talks between the Government of the Sudan on the one hand, the SPLM/SPLA and SPLM/SPLA-united on the other, namely Addis Ababa in August 1989, Nairobi in December 1989, Abuja in May/July 1992, Abuja in April/May 1993, Nairobi in May 1993, and Frankfurt in January 1992;

Cognisant of the importance of the unique opportunity afforded by the IGADD Peace Initiative to reach a negotiated peaceful solution to the conflict in the Sudan;
Concerned by the continued human suffering and misery in the war affected areas:
Hereby agree in the following Declaration of Principles (DOP) that would constitute the basis for resolving the conflict in the Sudan:

1 Any comprehensive resolution of the Sudan conflict requires that all parties to the conflict fully accept and commit themselves to that position that

1.1 The history and nature of the Sudan conflict demonstrate that a military solution can not bring lasting peace and stability the country

1.2 A peaceful and just political solution must be the common objective of the parties to the conflict

2 The right of self-determination of the people of south Sudan to determine their future status through a referendum must be affirmed.

3 Maintaining unity of the Sudan must be given priority by all parties provided that the following principles are established in the political, legal, economic and social framework of the country.

3.1 Sudan is a multi-racial, multi –ethnic, multi-religious and multi-cultural society. Full recognition and accommodation of these diversities must be affirmed.

3.2 Complete political and social equalities of all peoples in the Sudan must be guaranteed by law.

3.3 Extensive rights of self-determination on the basis of federation, autonomy, etc, to the various peoples of the Sudan must be affirmed.

3.4 A secular and democratic state must be established in the Sudan. Freedom of belief and worship and religious practice shall be guaranteed in full to all Sudanese citizens. State and religion shall be separated. The basis of personal and family laws can be religion and customs.

3.5 Appropriate and fair sharing of wealth among the various people of the Sudan must be realised.

3.6 Human rights as internationally recognised shall form part of this arrangement and shall be embodied in constitution.

3.7 The Independence of the Judiciary shall be enshrined in the constitution and laws of the Sudan.

4 In the absence of agreement on the above principles referred to in 3.1 to 3.7, the respective people will have the option to determining their future including independence through a referendum.

5 An interim arrangement shall be agreed upon, the duration and the tasks of which should be negotiated by the parties.

6 The parties shall negotiate a cease-fire agreement to enter into force as part of the overall settlement of the conflict in the Sudan.

Nairobi, 20th July, 1994